Mesquite Wildlife Oasis

Developed by Sempra Renewables, this wildlife and habitat trail system, including two ponds on site, is home to a great diversity of wildlife - from frogs to dragonflies and jackrabbits to quail. This site is an “Oasis” because water is a natural attractant for local wildlife!

Sempra Renewables partnered with Wildlife for Tomorrow Foundation to maintain and operate the habitat for use by local students, schools and communities.

The educational program started in the Spring of 2008 and is ongoing. The goal is to provide 30 science based field trips for local schools each year. Field trips to the Mesquite Wildlife Oasis Habitat are rewarding, educational and fun. The curriculum is all about science and was developed to match the site as well as being tied to Arizona State Standards. Field trips to Mesquite Wildlife Oasis provide hands-on learning experience that connects classroom lessons to the natural world.

This experience is one-of-a-kind for students. Not only is it engaging and informative but students are able to apply learned knowledge and experience to their environment. Students are always wanting to stay longer because of the exciting, hands-on activities that are skillfully planned by each instructor. This was our fourth consecutive year attending and already looking forward to next year’s trip! I would recommend this experience to all!
— Facebook Review, Teacher


Mesquite Wildlife Oasis