What To Do Before Scheduling a Field Trip

Decide on goals and objectives
Review classroom curriculum and decide which topics could be enhanced or extended upon with work in an outdoor classroom. Decide on goals and objectives for the field trip. Look at the offered learning options and select the one that best fit.

Confirm your visit
Complete and submit the required forms to select a date and classes that your group is interested in.

  • Please note if there are any students with special needs in your group.

  • Make permission arrangements.

  • Make transportation arrangements.

Chaperone Preparation
Select adult helpers for the field trip. We recommend a ratio of 1 adult for every 5 students, especially for grades 2-4.The students will be in small groups and chaperones play an active role in the learning process. Make sure your chaperones know we will need their help throughout the day! 

Tips on planning a successful field trip

  • Most outdoor activities work best with a small class size. Therefore, classes should be divided into groups of 20 students.

  • Review safety, dress and school rules with all field trip participants. (See Field Trip Rules and Rules for Outdoor Dress)

  • Put together a first-aid kit for the field trip. Mesquite Staff will also carry a first-aid kit during the field trip.

  • Prior to the field trip, divide lunches into group boxes to make lunchtime run smoothly.

Mesquite Power’s Wildlife Oasis Field Trip Rules
All participants, including teachers, students and adult helpers should be familiar with these rules before coming on the field trip.

  • Students are expected to use their classroom behavior even though they will be studying in the outdoors. Please stress they should be respectful of teachers and other adults, other students and all organisms in the outdoor classroom.

  • Any wildlife encountered will be handled only by the naturalists unless permission is granted. Chasing, disturbing, handling, etc. wildlife is absolutely prohibited. One important lesson we want students to learn is that all organisms are important to an ecosystem, even the insects crossing the trail.

  • Electronic devices are prohibited on field trips and should be left at home or school. These items distract from the natural experience.

  • To ensure student safety, proper activity pacing and a quality learning experience, Mesquite Staff, teachers and adult helpers will always be the leaders on hikes and walks. Students must stay with their assigned groups throughout the day unless otherwise instructed.

Rainy Day Policy
In the case of light to moderate rain with no lightning, we will continue all programs as scheduled. Teachers are urged to check the weather forecast the day before a field trip.
Programs will be canceled due to heavy rain, lightning, and thunderstorms. Please contact Rebecca at 602-501-4788 immediately if the school decides not to attend a scheduled field trip. 

If a trip has to be cancelled due to weather, teachers may reschedule at that time. 
Rules for Outdoor Dress
All field trip participants, including teachers, students and adult helpers should be familiar with these guidelines before coming on the field trip. Please strongly stress these guidelines with parents in any permission slips that may be sent home.

  • Students should dress in old clothes because outdoor activities usually require getting dirty. 

  • Long pants are encouraged, but not required.  Students must wear closed toed shoes. Programs will not be altered to accommodate students that are not dressed in proper field trip attire and they may be asked sit out during the activity if their safety is in question.

  • Fall, winter and even spring mornings can be cool, so dress appropriately.