Our mission is to create a stronger bond between youth and the natural world. 

Wildology AZ 

Wild at Hearts Rescue

About Wild at Hearts Rescue

An Arizona-based Raptor Rescue.  Wild At Heart is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Arizona’s native birds of prey.  We, and our birds, are volunteer and donation supported.

Contact Information

(480) 595-5047


Sun Tan Honey Farms

About Sun Tan Honey Farms

Sun Tan Honey Farms specializes in valley-wide GREEN bee removal.

Contact Information

(602) 743-8354

Wildlife for Tomorrow

About Wildlife for Tomorrow

Wildlife for Tomorrow is a fundraising non-profit foundation enhancing the protection, management and enjoyment of Arizona wildlife. The Foundation works closely with the Arizona Game and Fish Department as its 501(c)(3) charity identifying needs where state funding sources are inadequate and distributing donor's tax deductible gifts to benefit our state's diverse and treasured wildlife resources.

Contact Information

​(480) 747-0611


Liberty Wildlife

About Liberty Wildlife

Liberty Wildlife is committed to nurturing the nature of Arizona by providing quality wildlife rehabilitation, environmental education, and conservation services for the community.

Contact Information

​(480) 998-5550


Fallen Feathers

Rescue, Rehabilitation & Education

About Fallen Feathers

We are a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility and exotic bird rescue located in Northwest Phoenix, Arizona. 
We help orphaned, lost, and injured wild birds all over Arizona with the goal of rehabilitating them back to health and releasing them back into the wild.  We also assist in locating the homes of lost, domesticated exotic birds.

​Our primary mission is to feed, house, and rehabilitate birds.

Contact Information
(623) 533-2348


Arizona Game and Fish Department -

Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center

About the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center 

The department’s Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center was founded in 1983, and the department was the first wildlife agency in the nation to include a rehabilitation program as part of its management.    

The Wildlife Center cares for more than 1,000 sick and injured native wildlife annually and provides wildlife education programs to hundreds of thousands of public members each year. 

The center’s mission is supported with a small budget from the department’s Heritage Fund that comes from Arizona lottery dollars. With more than 155 non-releasable animals housed at the facility, plus a large increase of animals in the spring and summer, this fund is quickly used. Fundraising and donations – everything from paper towels to game meat – are critical to the center. Volunteering is also important to keeping the center running. 


Contact information

(623) 582-9806


The following is a list of organizations that specialize in local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

Local Wildlife Rescue