Our mission is to create a stronger bond between youth and the natural world. 

Wildology AZ 

Important Information

Trip Information

 The Specifics:

1.      Field Trips are Free – courtesy of Sempra Renewables 

2.      Workshops run from 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 pm.

3.      All field trips are held at the Mesquite Wildlife Oasis (located at 399th Ave and Elliot Road).

4.      We have expanded to host more students per day and offer more classes – this year we have the capacity for 100 students at a time – with three classes or four classes depending on the amount of time your school can be on the site. If there are over 100 students, split the students into two groups and reserve two days. 

5.      It is recommended to have one adult (parent/volunteer/teacher) per five students for grades 2nd-4th and two adults per group for grades 5th-12th.

6.      You will provide all lunches, permission slips and transportation.

7.      Please note, this is a school function. Parent chaperones are needed to supervise and assist with lessons. Chaperones are not authorized to bring younger siblings to Mesquite Wildlife Oasis. 

8.      Workshop dates are a first-com-first served basis – They are offered on select dates in October-April. Workshops are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Please note, classes with live wildlife  will only be offered on Tuesday and Wednesday.