Our mission is to create a stronger bond between youth and the natural world. 

Wildology AZ 

Planned Activities, with much more in store! 


Group 1: Fishing
Group 2: Kayaking
Alternative: Aquatic Insects

-Wildlife Crafts
-Animal Tracking

-Reptiles & Amphibians


-Signs of Life Nature Walk
-Bird Watching 

Guest Speaker
-Eagle Encounter

-Owl Pellets
-Field Guide Work
-Week Closing


Group 1: Kayaking
Group 2: Fishing
Alternative: Aquatic Insects

Group Session
Birds of Prey

Group 1: Archery
Group 2: Air Rifle


-Backyard Bass
-Water Quality Testing
-Incredible Journey

Guest Speaker
-Bobcat Encounter

Group 1: Air Rifle
Group 2: Archery